Thomas Anders Discography (1980-2009)

Genre: Pop, Dance | Year: 1980-2009 | Format: MP3 (tracks) | Quality: 320 kbps | Size: 2.93 GB

List of Albums:

1989 – Differentn
01.Love Of My Own
02.On My Way
03.Turn On The Light
04.Living On The Edge
05.You Are My Life
06.One Thing
08.Someone New
09.Close Your Eyes To Heaven
10.Fool If I Think Its Over
11.True Love
12.You Are My Life [Classical Mix]

1991 – Whispers
01.The Sweet Hello, the Sad Goodbye
02.Whispers of Love
03.The Echo of my Heart
04.Maybe I’m Dreaming
05.For All that We Know
06.Can’t Give You Anything
07.For your Love
08.True Love [single]
09.Don’t Say You Love Me
10.Hungry Hearts

1992 – Down On Sunset
01.How Deep Is Your Love
02.You Have Rescued Me
03.My One And Only
04.Across The World Tonight
05.Standing Alone
06.Laughter In Tthe Rain
07.Turn Around
08.If You Could Only See Me Now
09.A Little At A Time
10.Thru With Love
11.Cruising Down On Sunset

1993 – When Will I See You Again
01.When Will I See You Again
02.Dangerous Lies
03.I’ll Love You Forever
05.Marathon Of Love
06.Is It My Love
07.The Love In Me
08.Stay A Little Longer
09.Dance In Heaven
11.Hold My Hand
12.When Will I See You Again [Unplugged Version]

1994 – Barcos De Cristal
02.Luna De Plata
03.Miedo De Ti
04.Tu Chica Es Mi Chica
05.Barcos De Cristal
06.Una Manana De Sol
07.Para Sonia
08.Con Palabras
10.Mi Chica Prohibida

1995 – Souled
01.Souled In
03.Never Knew Love Like This Before
04.Will You Let Me Know
05.The Heat Between The Girls And The Boys
06.Look At The Tears
07.Feel For The Physical
08.Carry You With Me
09.Road To Higher Love
10.South Of Love
11.A Little Bit Of Lovin’
12.Point Of No Return
13.Souled Out

1997 – Live Concert
01.Paradise Cafe
02.Can’t teach my old heart new tricks
03.Just remember
04.Fly me to the moon
05.When October poes
06.How do you keep the music playing [feat.Lilly Thornton]
07.Night and day
08.Beyond the sea
09.Moonlight in Vermont

2004 – This Time
01.King Of Love
02.Independent Girl
03.Tonight Is The Night
04.Live Your Dream
05.Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now
06.Playing With Dynamite
07.Every Little Thing
08.World Of Stars
09.Night To Remember
10.This Time
11.In Your Eyes
12.How Deep Is Your Love

2006 – Songs Forerver [Special Fan Edition]
01.Songs That Live Forever
02.Cry For Help
03.For Your Eyes Only
04.Have I Told You Lately
05.All Around The World
06.Some People
07.Tell It To My Heart
08.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
09.Is This Love
10.Sweet Dreams
11.Arthur’s Theme
12.Youre My Heart, Youre My Soul
13.True [ 04:57 ]
14.Songs That Live Forever [Special Grand Prix Version]

Judy – 1989
02.Liebe Ist Ein Zweites Leben
03.Du Weinst Um Ihn
04.Einer Von Uns Beiden
05.Es War Die Nacht Der Ersten Liebe
06.Maedchen So Wie Du
07.Ich Will Nicht Dein Leben
08.Ich Hatte Mal Freunde
09.Was Macht Das Schon
10.Stieg Aus, Wenn Du Kannst
11.Heisskalter Engel
12.Wie Ein Verbotener Kontinent
13.Wovon Traeumst Du Denn [In Seinen Armen]
14.Du Bist Die Frau Fuer’s Leben
15.Endstation Sehnsucht
16.Zwischen Himmel Und Hoelle
17.Es Geht Mir Gut Heut’ Nacht
18.Und Wenn Die Sonne Schlafen Geht
19.Catch Me I’m Falling [Radio Edit]
20.Catch Me I’m Falling [Long Version]


1992 – For Your Love
01.The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
02.On My Way
03.Whispers of Love
04.One Thing
05.Cant Give You Anything [But My Love]
06.For your Love
07.Love Of My Own
08.The Echo Of My Heart
09.Close Your Eyes To Heaven
10.Turn On The Light
11.Living On The Edge
12.Someone New

2002 – Dansing With Tears In My Eyes
01.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [Short Mix]
02.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [Se ‘n’ Hood Club Remix]

2005 – Very Best
01.Love of my own
02.Turn on the light
03.You are my life
04.One Thing
06.Fool if i think it`s over
07.I`ll loove you forever
08.Marathon of life
09.Is it my love
10.The love inme
11.Dance in heaven
12.Don`t say you love me
13.The heart between the boys and the girls
14.On my way
15.Close your eyes Heaven
16.True love

2008 – DJ Dance
01 For You [Club Mix]
02 Ibiza Baba Baya [Club Remix]
03 Crying In The Night [Single Version]
04 If I Can’t Have You [Single Version]
05 Our House [Floor Mix]
06 I’ll Love You Forever [Club Mix]
07 Never Knew Love Like This Before [House Extended Mix]
08 The Love In Me [Second Remix By Al.X.S]
09 Standing Alone [Extended Dance Mix]
10 Can’t Give You Anything [Basic Love Mix]
11 One Thing [Extended Version]
12 When Will I See You Again [Precious Club Mix]
13 Soldier [Extended Version]
14 Heisskalter Engel [Send Me An Angel]

2009 – The night is still young
01.The night is still young [feat.Thomas Anders]
02.The night is still young [casa sylt mix]
03.The night is still young [solo version]
04.Redis mai [ 03:43 ]


The Oldies [1980-1984] 1998
1989 – Love Of My Own
1989 – One Thing
1989 – Soldier

Can’t give you Anything [But my Love] 1991
1991 Can’t Give You Anything [But My Love] – Remix 1991
1991 The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
1991 True Love
1992 How deep is your love
1992 Standing alone
1993 I’ll Love Forever – The Remixes
1993 I’ll Love You Forever
1993 When Will I See You Again – The Remixes
1993 When Will I See You
1994 Road to higher love
1994 The Love In Me-The Remixes
1994 The love in me
1995 A Little Bit Of Lovin’
1995 Never Knew Love Like This Before – The Remixes
1995 Never Knew Love This Before
2003 Independent Girl
2004 Just Dream
2004 King Of Love
2004 Tonight Is The Night
2006 A Very Special Feeling
2006 Songs That Live Forever
2008 Kisses for Christmas

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