Culture Club The Hits Collection (2012)(df)

Tamaño: 338.67 Mb
Genero: Pop
Formato: Mp3
Servidor: Depositfiles
Año: 2012
Tracks: 33 2 cds
Bit rate:320 Kbps

CD 1:

01 Karma Chameleon
02 Time (Clock Of The Heart)

03 The Medal Song
04 I Pray
05 Church Of The Poison Mind
06 Victims
07 Miss Me Blind
08 Man Shake
09 Work On Me Baby
10 Boy, Boy (Im The Boy)
11 Move Away
12 God Thank You Woman
13 I Just Wanna Be Loved
14 Take Control
15 Stormkeeper
16 Black Money
17 Its A Miracle Miss Me Blind (US 12 Mix)

CD 2:

01 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
02 The War Song
03 Mistake No. 3
04 Its A Miracle
05 Dangerous Man
06 Mannequin
07 Come Clean
08 Colour By Numbers
09 You Know Im Not Crazy
10 Changing Every Day
11 Im Afraid Of Me (Remix)
12 White Boy (Dance Mix)
13 Ill Tumble 4 Ya! (US 12 Mix)
14 I Just Wanna Be Loved (Drumhead Mix)
15 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Drumheads Twisted Nerve Mix)
16 Generations Of Love (The TimeWriter Bootleg Mix)


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