Annie Lennox Discography (1992-2010)

Genre: Pop-Rock | Year: 1992-2010 | Format: MP3 | Quality: 128-320 kbps | Size: 2.47 GB


1992 MTV Unplugged [Live][320 kbps] 52:00
Its Alright [Babys Coming Back]
Little Bird
Walking on Broken Glass
River Deep, Mountain High
Here Comes the Rain Again
The Gift
You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart
Feel the Need in Me
Stay by Me
Dont Let Me Down

1992 Diva [Japan Edition] [320 kbps] 55:00
Walking On Broken Glass
Legend In My Living Room
Money Cant Buy It
Little Bird
Stay By Me
The Gift
Keep Young and Beautiful
Step By Step

1995 Live in Central Park [320 kbps] 44:00
Money Cant Buy It [0:04:46.40]
Legend in My Living Room [0:03:47.70]
Whos That Girl? [0:04:44.05]
You Have Placed a Chill in my Heart [0:05:19.62]
Little Bird [0:05:26.50]
Walking on Broken Glass [0:04:01.60]
Here Comes the Rain Again [0:05:59.45]
Why [0:05:17.60]
Something So Right [Studio Version] [0:03:50.58]

1995 Medusa [Japan Edition] [320 kbps] 52:00
No More “I Love Yous”
Take Me To The River
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Dont Let It Bring You Down
Train In Vain
I Cant Get Next To You
Downtown Lights
Thin Line Between Love & Hate
Waiting In Vain
Something So Right

1997 The Very Best Of Annie Lennox [320 kbps] 74:00
Cold [4:24]
Why [4:56]
No More I Love Yous [4:52]
Sweet Dreams [4:54]
Walking On Broken Glass [4:14]
Whos That Girl? [3:47]
Here Comes The Rain Again [5:01]
Miracle Of Love [4:36]
A Whiter Shade Of Pale [5:18]
Its Alright / Babys Coming [3:45]
You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart [3:53]
Precious [5:08]
The Gift [4:54]
River Deep Mountain High [3:35]
Feel The Need [2:51]
Dont Let Me Down [3:24]
Love Song For A Vampire [4:20]

2003 Bare [Japan Edition] [320 kbps] 64:00
A Thousand Beautiful Things [0:03:07.31]
Pavement Cracks [0:05:10.00]
The Hurting Time [0:07:32.07]
Honestly [0:05:01.23]
Wonderful [0:04:16.61]
Bitter Pill [0:04:00.51]
Loneliness [0:04:01.05]
The Saddest Song Ive Got [0:04:08.60]
Erased [0:04:40.04]
Twisted [0:04:12.20]
Oh God [prayer] [0:12:48.69]
Cold [recorded live in Toronto] [0:05:32.11]

2007 Annie Lennox & the BBC Concert Orchestra [bootleg] [320 kbps] 50:00
Little Bird
Walking on broken glass
No more i love yous
Dark road [New album]
Smithereens [New album]
Ghost in my machine [New album]
A thousend beautiful things/Sisters are doing it
Saved the world today
Here comes the rain again
Sweet dreams

2007 Songs Of Mass Destruction [Japan Edition] [320 kbps] 52:00
Dark Road
Love Is Blind
Ghosts In My Machine
Through The Glass Darkly
Coloured Bedspread
Big Sky
Fingernail Moon
Dark Road [acoustic]

2009 The Annie Lennox Collection [Limited Edition] [2CD] [320 kbps] 100:00
Little Bird
Walking on Broken Glass
No MoreI Love Yous
A Whiter Shade of Pale
A Thousand Beautiful Things
Pavement Cracks
Love Song for a Vampire
Dark Road
Pattern of My Life
Shining Light
Into the West
Ladies of the Canyon
Hush, Hush, Hush
Many Rivers to Cross [From Idol Gives Back]
Dream Angus
Everybody Hurts [with Alicia Keys]
Evry Time We Say Goodbye

2010 A Christmas Cornucopia [320 kbps] 45:00
Angels from the Realms of Glory 04:00
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 03:33
See Amid the Winters Snow 03:31
Il Est Ne le Divin Enfant 03:37
The First Noel 04:40
Lullay Lullay [Coventry Carol] 03:13
The Holly and the Ivy 03:37
In the Bleak Midwinter 03:31
As Joseph Was A Walking 03:59
O Little Town of Bethlehem 03:33
Silent Night 03:49
Universal Child 04:14


1992 Precious [CDM] [320 kbps] 19:00
Precious [3:51]
Step By Step [4:46]
Precious album version [5:07]
Why [4:53]

1993 Cold [Japan Deluxe Edition] [Boxset] [320 kbps] 50:00
The Gift
Walking on a broken glass.
Its alright [Babys coming back]
Here comes the rain again
You have placed a chill in my heart
River deep mountain high
Feel the need
Dont let me down

1993 Little Bird [EP] [128-224 kbps] 40:00
Little Bird [Striptease Soundtrack]
Little Bird [Single Remix]]
Little Bird [Utah Saints Dance Mix]
Little Bird [Todd Terry Remix]
Little Bird [Chris Cox Hot Tracks Remix]
Little Bird [House Of Gypsies remix]
Little Bird [Acapella]

1993 Little Bird / Love Song For A Vampire[CDM] [320 kbps] 20:00
Little Bird
Love Song For A Vampire [From Bram Stokers Dracula]
Little Bird [Utah Saints Version]
Little Bird [NJoi Version]

1995 A Whiter Shade Of Pale [320 kbps] 9:00
A Whiter Shade Of Pale

1995 No More I Love Yous [CDM] [320 kbps] 13:00
No More I Love Yous [0:04:52.27]
Ladies Of The Canyon [0:03:42.40]
Walking On Broken Glass [Unplugged Version] [0:03:56.63]

1997 Singles [Bonus miniCD] [320 kbps] 19:00
Little Bird [Full Version].
Step by step.

2003 A Thousand Beautiful Things [Single Remix] [320 kbps] 13:00
A Thousand Beautiful Things [Bimbo Jones Stealth Dub].
A Thousand Beautiful Things [Chamber Remix].
Wonderful [Dave Aude Radio Mix].

2003 Pavement Cracks [The Remixes] [192-320 kbps] 50:00
Pavement Cracks [Mac Quayle Extended Mix].
Pavement Cracks [Goldrix Club Mix].
Pavement Cracks [The Scumfrog Club Mix].
Pavement Cracks [Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix].
Pavement Cracks [The Scumfog Knob Dub].
Pavement Cracks [Shanghai Surprise Vocal Mix].
Pavement Cracks [Original Version]

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