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Down Rapid Traktor Simulator 2009

Traktor Zetor Simulator 2009 | 1.22 GB

Become a farmer and experience the joy of driving a heavy modern transports farm, as you try to use a variety of tractors of the world! Choose from a variety of vehicles and guns, as well as explore the huge, more than 4 km? Island. You can either play the mission (ideal for learning how to operate heavy machinery), or enter a career mode.

In career mode you start in a few vehicles with the old equipment. You started to work plowing, cultivation and seeding the fields with the intention that as a result of the harvest will provide you with the financial resources to better prepare your yard and increase productivity!


Game features:

* Career mode with business section
* Multiple missions and tutorials
* Large fleet of vehicles real Fendt
* Miscellaneous equipment
* 4 crops: barley, corn, canola and wheat
* Day and night cycle with changing weather
* Download additional vehicles and equipment with the installation of automatic modeling
* Supports gamepad & Rudder

Information about the game:

Name: Traktor Zetor Simulator 2009
Genre: Simulator
Platform: PC
Developer: traktorzetor
Publisher: traktorzetor
Language: German
Sustem requirements: Pentium 4 RAM: 512 MB Video: 128 Mbytes
All Inclusive
Size: 1.22 Gb

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